I'm a scholar of ancient languages who
also served at the Top Secret National
Security Agency. I've used my talents in
linguistics and cryptology to produce
solutions to several ancient mysteries.

My most recent project, a
decipherment of the Shugborough
Inscription, is in the news, appearing in
Birmingham Post and the Express
and Star.
Keith Massey, PhD
The Shugborough Inscription

In this video, I describe my
decipherment of the enigmatic
Shugborough Inscription. To see more
of my proposed decipherments, click
on "Decipherments" to the left.
Keith is the author of  
Intermediate Arabic
for Dummies.
Keith is a
recipient of the
Global War on
Civilian Service
On these pages, you can explore my espionage-action-adventure
novels. I am able to instill authentic details into my writing because
of my Top Secret background, extensive traveling, and knowledge of
ancient and modern languages.

I also offer free language learning materials on this site for Arabic,
Spanish, Romanian, and Latin.
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