Keith Massey, PhD
Keith Massey is the
author of
Arabic for
Keith is a
recipient of the
Global War on
Civilian Service
Keith is an expert linguist who
has shared his secrets to help
thousands of people learn
Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, and

He is the author of the well-
Intermediate Arabic
for Dummies
. Click on
Language Learning" to see his
free resources and get started
today on opening up your world
with a new language.
Keith's Latin language music
videos of popular hits such as
Do You Want to Build a
" from Frozen and
the Beatles'
Hello - Goodbye
gain thousands of views a
month. Click on "
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Keith's action adventure novels
follow the life of Andrew
Valquist, soldier, scholar, and

Keith himself served for four
years as an Arabic linguist at the
Top Secret National Security
Agency (NSA) after 9/11. He was
awarded the Global War on
Terrorism Civilian Service Medal
for service he performed in Iraq
in 2004. As a result of this
unique background, Keith is able
to tells action adventure stories
with authentic details of
espionage trade craft.

Start with
A Place of Brightness
for the story of how Andrew and
his twin were trained in their
youth for battle, only to find
they would need their skills
when least expected.
Continue with Amor Vincit Omnia to follow Andrew as he
begins work at the Top Secret National Security Agency

Next in the series is the novel
Next Stop: Spanish, in which
Andrew Valquist and his nephew are pulled into international
intrigue while on a vacation in Spain. In the course of the
story, the reader incrementally learns enough Spanish to
perform a basic conversation, while simultaneously
experiencing an espionage adventure.

The latest novel in the series,
In Saecula Saeculorum,
features four students of Andrew Valquist who are
unwittingly trained for a mission set in ancient Rome, to
which these four young people must travel to retrieve crucial
information to save the world from an imminent catastrophe.