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I also host here the sermons and
biblical/theological reflections I've
posted online. If God has gifted me
with talents to edify and entertain,
to Him be the praise.
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My fiction novels are adventure stories following Christian protagonists. I wrote
them to entertain, but the characters endure their struggles while trying to
remain true to their Faith.  

My non-fiction books include Intermediate Arabic for Dummies by Wiley
Publishing and Praying Our Fathers: the Secret Mercies of Ancestral Intercession.
Keith Massey, PhD
I'm a teacher at a public high
school who offers free
language learning materials
on this site, as well as
educational videos on the
Bible and Theology. If you
would like to support me,
please read one of my novels.
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The Shugborough Inscription Deciphered!
In this video, I describe my decipherment of
the enigmatic Shugborough Inscription. To
see more of my proposed decipherments, click
on "Decipherments" to the left.