Here are the five phases
of my free program for
learning the Arabic

Click here to watch
videos on how to write
the Arabic Alphabet.

I starting learning Arabic
in 1991 and served as an
Arabic linguist  at the
National Security Agency
for four years.
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Next Stop: Arabic -  PDF

Phase One: Arabic - MP3

Phase Two: Arabic - MP3

Phase Three: Arabic -

Phase Four: Arabic - MP3

Phase Five: Arabic - MP3
In the lists, I give you the
singular, followed by the
plural for all nouns and
the past tense followed by
the present tense
huwa/he forms) for all
Intermediate Arabic
for Dummies
published by Wiley

Intermediate Arabic for
is a basic to
intermediate level
workbook that helps you
master Arabic grammar
and important
vocabulary. It includes
Arabic script and
throughout the book,
enabling you to explore
whatever features you
would like as you
continue to gain
expertise.  It also includes
numerous exercises to
practice what you have