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I'm a former NSA agent, an author, Latin teacher, and a
. I specialize in solving ancient riddles and
mysteries, which you can explore by clicking on the link

I offer to you for free all
my music and resources to
learn several languages.
I am a deacon of the
Eastern Orthodox
Church. My theological
and biblical videos are
at "Christian
Reflections" to the left.
Adele's "Hello"
I'm best known for my Latin
language cover of Adele's
"Hello," with 100K views and
In this book I share lessons for from
my own story of how I became an
Intelligence Officer at the National
Security Agency. I also show how a
knowledge of the various disciplines
within the Intelligence Community
can help us direct our efforts for
greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Top Secrets: Lessons for
Success from the World of

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