Dr. Massey's "Next Stop" Language Program
Learning to speak new languages has enriched my life
profoundly. Through the years, I have developed a set
of basic words and phrases that, once mastered, give
one not only a comfortable speaking ability, but also
provide an excellent foundation for intermediate and
advanced levels of study.

In this website, I am giving all these materials away for
free because I want anyone with a desire to learn a
new language to have all the resources they need.

The program is currently being offered for Spanish,
Arabic, and Romanian, but I will be adding more
languages soon.

I divide the program into five "phases," starting from
most basic and working up in difficulty. If you work the
program, your "Next Stop" will be a basic speaking
ability in your new language.

Each language comes with a PDF file of all five phases,
accompanied by MP3 files of each phase, so you can
listen to the words and phrases.

Good luck!

- Keith Massey