Latin Expressions, Mottoes, and
Abbreviations Worth Knowing

Introduction to Latin
Latin I
Latin II
Latin III
National Latin Exam

I'm creating tutorial videos
specifically covering material
on the syllabus of the various
levels of the National Latin
Exam. I will be posting them
here as I produce them. Check
back often for updates.
An exciting espionage
adventure novel of
special interest to Latin

You love Latin. Now imagine
if a knowledge of Latin was
needed to save the world.

I'm a Latin teacher now, but I
was also once a spy at the
NSA, so this novel is as
authentic as the government
lets me share...
In the novel, In Saecula
Saeculorum, four young
people have been unwittingly
trained for a Top Secret
mission back in time to
ancient Rome.

They'll have to put their Latin
to work to save the world. But
can they also save each other?
In Saecula Saeculorum
is only:
$11.90 in Paperback
$1.99 in eBook